Friday, April 30, 2010

A True Historian by Definition

This is the very first entry in my blog, I thought I better make it a good one.

Historian...the definition of this word is an expert in history, authority on history, writer of history; chronicler, yet this term has come to mean so much more to me. Being married to a historian for over 12 years now has taught me a great deal about history and life in general.

The first thing I have learned is that if you don't learn from history, then it is destined to repeat itself. And learn from history I have, not just from the Civil War era, but of all time periods. There are so many great, events that have involved our country and its citizens, but I have also learned about the not-so-great events that have involved our country and it is my firm belief that in order not to repeat these same mistakes, you must learn about them.

My husband is the greatest man and best historian I know. Now, I am sure that you think my opinion is biased but here is my reasoning. He is always and forever researching to expand on what he has already learned, sometimes I think to the point of insanity. He always tries to get every viewpoint of each battle, person, unit or war that he studies. Not just to educate himself, but to also educate the public, because isn't that what being an historian is all about, educating the public?

I have never met someone that can retain as much information in their brain as what he does. My husband is an accomplished author and has published one book so far in addition to over 100 historical articles, I edit each one and my brain just does not retain the information about so and so who did this on this day in history...

But I don't think it is what information he retains that makes him a true historian or the fact that he is constantly researching, it is the fact that he is on the front lines, at the battlefield each and every day educating the public on our nation's history, that makes him a true historian. He isn't someone who studies history on the side, who has another profession as their main source of income, who writes the occasional book or participates in the occasional lecture. He does this each and every day not only because it is his job, but because it is something he loves to do and he does it with such passion and interest that that feeling is then relayed to the public when he speaks and educates them.

For my husband, it isn't about the money of speaking for this and that organization or writing a book about this or that, it is about his love of history and his never-ending quest to educate people on something that they may not have known before talking to him. This is what makes my husband a true historian in every sense of the word.

So for all that you do for our family, the boys and I are forever grateful. And for the patience you have had in teaching me, and for all of those whose lives you have touched by educating them, thank you. You are, without a doubt, an educator and a true historian.