Monday, May 3, 2010

The Citizens of Cumberland Valley

The Citizens of Cumberland Valley is the civilian branch of the Cumberland Valley Rifles. It consists of men, women and children of all ages, that have chosen to reenact the role of civilian life during the Civil War era, promoting heritage and history. The purpose of the CCV is to assist the military organization in whatever needs it may have when portraying Confederate or Federal soldiers and to accurately portray the civilians that endured those turbulent years. The CCV is dedicated to remembering the importance and sacrifices of civilians during the Civil War. As historical interpreters, we want to honor them by striving for authenticity in what we wear, say and do. The CCV participates in battle reenactments and living history programs. At times, the CCV will perform independently from the Cumberland Valley Rifles.

The Citizens of Cumberland Valley have many knowledgeable members who take part in a variety of living histories and educate the public on different aspects of civilian life in the Cumberland Valley during the Civil War. Such programs include:

Women on the Homefront
Civilian Life During the War
Open Hearth Cooking
Children's' Games
Shortages During the War
Victorian Fashions
Victorian Needlework including knitting, sewing, quilting and spinning
Interpretative Displays of Original & Reproduction Artifacts
Participate in civilian scenarios at battle re-enactments and living history programs

Upon becoming a member of the Citizens of Cumberland Valley, members will assist you obtaining the correct clothing and accessories for the impression that you choose to portray. As civilian impressions of the day varied, you will be provided with civilian guideline information including a sutler list, pattern supplier list and clothing guidelines, to help you develop the impression you wish to pursue. We strive to raise awareness and contribute to non-profit organizations dedicated to preservation of historic sites such as the Monterey Pass Battlefield Association. Our membership also includes families with children. We do not believe that "family oriented reenacting" automatically means "farb". In real life, families stayed together whenever they could and as long as all members of the family provide an accurate depiction of what they are trying to portray, then that is acceptable.

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